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Nobody knows what year it is.

The world of Erat is vast. Hundreds of miles to the east, the great empire of Karystra grows ever stronger. Beyond that lie the dark lands of the Idaaran coast, where unknown nations wage wars of their own. Beyond the seas lie even more strange kingdoms, including the ancient Kozuni homelands that few alive have ever seen. In those distant lands may be scholars and learned men who know when in time these events now unfold.

But here, in the lands west of the great Throkkan Mountains—rent these last centuries by terrible wars both material and celestial—the world is dark, wild, and full of unknown dangers.

To the south, the last kernel of the once-dreaded Kozuni Empire devours itself while seeking to stave off the ravages of the wild jungles and their denizens…

In the midlands, the remnants of the once vast empire of Adrideor wage terrible war against each other, led by their fiendish lords and self-styled kings…

Beyond that, the small nation of Aechell—where it is said that every citizen is a general and every child a warrior—beats its shields and demands unconditional tithe of all its neighbors for the protection it offers…

And in the North, the elves of Lobenahl poise precariously between the terrible Wastes of Ahluvogra and the lands of the dark god Machan and his ancient, undead general The Maelstrom.

Yet, beacons of light burn still.

The cities of Jen and New Cormorell are known to retain knowledge and lore from the Age of Empires before the rise of the dark goddess Khalipanofax, and even from the Golden Ages before the long-passed Nemesis War. The elves and throcks, and the dwarves in their stonefasts may know yet more. The lords of the eladrin, in their hidden realms within the Feywild most certainly do.

In western Namalcia, nobody knows what year it is, but the great-grandfathers of men describe decades of fear and terror, where the world was fraught with danger, but none so horrifying as that from beyond the world. Every day the people of all nations feared the eladrin slavers who might appear from nowhere and return thereto at any moment, with your family in thrall behind.

And everyone knows, by now, that their grandfathers saw the day when the eladrin sent their emissaries to the great cities of the land and offered peace and atonement.

The Eladrin Calendar names the year as 101 in the Age of Redemption. They claim that the great empires fell just before, and that the war known in the Nentir Valley as the Bloodspear War was far larger and more terrible than most now living could possibly realize.

What they do not need to tell you is that the Goblins retreated to the Newhome Mountains in the time of the grandfathers of men, and that man’s empires have been gone longer.

What they do not need to tell you is that, no matter what your race or god, the world, if it is to be redeemed in this Age, has a long, long way to go.

In Western Namalcia, nobody truly knows what year it is…but you may learn who and where you are in Namalcia…whatever year it may be…

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